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Companies that are ready to leverage these trends in their experience design will be better equipped to provide a more ideal user journey. To help your business prepare, the members of Forbes Technology Council shared 13 upcoming developments that will impact the UI/UX sector and what organizations need to know in order to make the most of them.

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Dubai’s digital art hub launch to enhance position as ‘city of the future’

Infinity des Lumières, the GCC’s largest immersive digital art centre, offers a multi-sensory journey presented through the art of Van Gogh’s Starry Nights, DannyRose Studios Dreamed Japan The Images of the floating world, and Thomas Vanz’s fully digital creation, Verse. Infinity des Lumières has created a technology-driven artistic platform using 130 projectors, 58 speakers and 3,000 HD digital moving images.

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BMW iX debuts all-new intelligent, multisensorial idrive user experience

The new generation of BMW idrive – an operating system that enlivens the car to be as smart as the passengers’ lives. It takes the natural dialogue between driver and vehicle into a digital future, serving as an intelligent, tailored, and proactive partner in any situation. This unique experience extends far beyond software that can receive regular over-the-air updates, unveiling a whole new suite of displays, controls, connectivity, and data process.

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A bank accidentally deposited $50 billion into a Louisiana family’s account

James and his wife were doing a routine check on their finances. They noticed $50 billion had been mistakenly deposited into their Chase Bank account. The bank acknowledged the mistake but gave a different timeline and restored the family’s account to its correct balance.

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What we know is a drop, what
we don’t know is an ocean.
– Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was (obviously) one of the forerunners of modern science. We all know the (largely untrue) story of him sitting under a tree and an apple falling on his head and thus gravity is “discovered”.

Newton was also an alchemist, searching for a way to turn lead into gold. Or the mundane into the beautiful and valuable. That was his other apple.

Experience Alchemists was created to help companies take the mundane and undifferentiated experiences they offer and turn them into truly differentiating, transcendent interactions with everyone they are connected to. We work under standard SOWs, sure. But more often than not, we find creative structures that allow our clients to get the people they need, when they need them.

To that end, we’ve created Newton’s Other Apple to share what we, the Experience Alchemists, have come across that is interesting, compelling, and thought provoking.

Let’s try to make what we don’t know a smaller ocean together.

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