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The voice biomarkers accurately flagged symptoms that transcended all such differences. With just 20 seconds of an audio clip, Kintsugi’s AI solution detects mental health issues with over 80% clinical accuracy. Compared to practitioners’ current rate of detection (47.3%, as noted earlier), artificial intelligence can almost double the effectiveness of patient diagnoses.

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Aston Martin reimagines its customer experience using immersive XR technology

Aston Martin is using the latest virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR – collectively extended reality or ‘XR’) technologies to drive new experiences for its customers and designers. The company worked with Lenovo and Varjo, a provider of “human eye resolution” XR headsets, to deliver an immersive experience that allows customers to explore its first luxury SUV, the Aston Martin DBX, without physically being in dealerships or offices.

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Online Art Fair Philippines draws 40,000 visitors

Adapting to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by migrating online, the 2021 Art Fair Philippines focused on digital arts with the Welcome to the Metaverse, NFT 101 Showcase in its Projects section. The section featured non-fungible tokens (NTFs, one-of-a-kind digital properties) from Narra Art Gallery and Tropical Futures Institute, as well as talks on crypto art and an introduction to NFTs.

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Ferragamo Embraced Digital During The Pandemic And It’s Sticking With It

The global COVID-19 health crisis drove Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian luxury goods company, to rethink the whole in-person process by breaking it down into many different pieces and deciding what could be done virtually and what could not. This led Ferragamo to ship materials samples to their customers who could feel the fabric to the touch and see the colors without any screen distortion. While digitalization of the experience opened up the opportunity to cater to a bigger audience, customers still had to make an appointment with the sales representative in order to go over the collection, discuss the details and place their pre-orders.

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How “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” Gives Retailers an Edge

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the digital transformation of retail — but as lockdowns come to an end and the economy recovers, many firms are wondering what the future will hold. In this piece, the authors discuss forthcoming research that suggests that the “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” model may be the best option, as it provides many of the advantages of online shopping without many of the downsides of other types of digital shopping experiences.

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What we know is a drop, what
we don’t know is an ocean.
– Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was (obviously) one of the forerunners of modern science. We all know the (largely untrue) story of him sitting under a tree, and an apple falls in his head, and thus gravity is “discovered”.

Newton was also an alchemist, searching for a way to turn lead into gold. Or the mundane into the beautiful and valuable. That was his other apple.

Experience Alchemists was created to help companies take the mundane and undifferentiated experiences they offer and turn them into truly differentiating, transcendent interactions with everyone they are connected to. We work under standard SOWS, sure. But more often than not, we find creative structures that allow our clients to get the people they need when they need them.

To that end, we’ve created Newton’s Other Apple to share what we, the Experience Alchemists, have come across that is interesting, compelling, and thought-provoking.

Let’s try to make what we don’t know a smaller ocean together.

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