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Mandolin, an Indianapolis-based company, is betting that hybrid events will be the new normal as artists look to diversify their revenue. So, the firm launched its Live+, which goes beyond streaming shows to allow for in-app merchandise purchasing and mobile VIP experiences like virtual meet and greets.

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The New Trend of Wanderlust, Work-From-Anywhere Digital Nomads

With the explosion of “work from anywhere,” we’re beginning to see enterprising companies take advantage of a new market: Blueground, a proptech company, is reinventing the way people live and work with its new program—Blueground Nomads. The startup offers around 4,000 fully furnished apartments in 15 cities around the world.

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New Instagram feature adds product placement to every day life

Instagram is adding new shopping tools and letting people search for products using an image, as Facebook Inc. expands e-commerce offerings across its family of apps. When users click on the images they see on Instagram, Facebook will direct them to similar-looking products for sale. Instagram will also make it easier for some companies to offer augmented reality-powered try-on, so people can see how products such as makeup and shoes look on their actual bodies and faces.

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VR game reduces pain in paediatric burn patients during dressing changes

A study led by Dr Henry Xiang, Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Director of the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research, investigated the use of smartphone-based VR games during dressing changes in paediatric burn patients. The team concluded that the game was very effective in reducing patient-reported pain.

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HBO’s Customer Email System Makes News

…And for the wrong reason; a poignant example that good experience is critical not just for end-users but for internal tools and processes as well.

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What we know is a drop, what
we don’t know is an ocean.
– Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was (obviously) one of the forerunners of modern science. We all know the (largely untrue) story of him sitting under a tree and an apple falling on his head and thus gravity is “discovered”.

Newton was also an alchemist, searching for a way to turn lead into gold. Or the mundane into the beautiful and valuable. That was his other apple.

Experience Alchemists was created to help companies take the mundane and undifferentiated experiences they offer and turn them into truly differentiating, transcendent interactions with everyone they are connected to. We work under standard SOWs, sure. But more often than not, we find creative structures that allow our clients to get the people they need, when they need them.

To that end, we’ve created Newton’s Other Apple to share what we, the Experience Alchemists, have come across that is interesting, compelling, and thought provoking.

Let’s try to make what we don’t know a smaller ocean together.

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