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Interacting with objects is crucial to immersive and realistic Virtual Reality environments, but accurate depictions of these interactions have proved very difficult to achieve. The VirtualGrasp project has come forward with an Artificial Intelligence-based solution that can automate this process.

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Lucid reveals UX – intuitive user experience on upcoming Air

In anticipation of the imminent, yet cloudy delivery date of the Air sedan, Lucid Motors has shared video footage and new details of its UX. This in-depth look at Lucid UX offers a first look at several unique technologies implemented within a sleek design to match the rest of the Air…whenever it becomes available.

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Microsoft’s new AI product allows anyone to write code using natural language

Microsoft announced a low-code programming tool that allows users to essentially write code without any coding knowledge. It uses OpenAI’s Generative Pre-Trained Transformer-3 (GPT-3) AI model, one of the most advanced natural language AI models in the world today.

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OVR Technology is bringing smell to virtual reality

VR can already simulate sight, sound, and a sense of movement, but adding smell can help stimulate memories and emotional experiences, making virtual reality all the more real. How does it work? A device called the ION, which contains vials of different scents, is attached to a VR headset and when a user interacts with an object in virtual reality connected to one of those scents — say, a rose — a tiny electric charge releases the matching fragrance. Presently, OVR Technology is using it in a new program designed to allow people to experience the effects of climate change.

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Germany, birthplace of the automobile, just gave the green light to robotaxis


Germany is set to become the world’s first major economy to legalize the commercial use of fully autonomous “robotaxis”. The vehicles foreseen in Germany’s legislation can be likened to shuttles more than traditional passenger cars. Under the law, a technical command center would be tasked with overseeing the fleet remotely should any trouble ensue.

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What we know is a drop, what
we don’t know is an ocean.
– Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was (obviously) one of the forerunners of modern science. We all know the (largely untrue) story of him sitting under a tree and an apple falling on his head and thus gravity is “discovered”.

Newton was also an alchemist, searching for a way to turn lead into gold. Or the mundane into the beautiful and valuable. That was his other apple.

Experience Alchemists was created to help companies take the mundane and undifferentiated experiences they offer and turn them into truly differentiating, transcendent interactions with everyone they are connected to. We work under standard SOWs, sure. But more often than not, we find creative structures that allow our clients to get the people they need, when they need them. 

To that end, we’ve created Newton’s Other Apple to share what we, the Experience Alchemists, have come across that is interesting, compelling, and thought provoking. 

Let’s try to make what we don’t know a smaller ocean together.


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