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A reference to Harold Geneen’s famous words about leadership given that he didn’t just come to work as a CEO one day.

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Is Leadership Learned or Innate?

Many aspects of leadership such as communication, team work abilities and creativity can be learned but what cannot be taught is the motivation and willingness to learn these features. It can be learned over time.

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Why Leadership Training Fails—and What to Do About It

Effects of leadership trainings, especially in the corporate area, don’t last long. Although people seem to learn the features of becoming a better leader after the training, due to the system rigidity and other aspects, they return to their old habits after some time. To make it sustainable, not a top-down process but a unit-by-unit development should be applied.

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Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Work

Leadership training that takes a couple of days won’t be successful in developing leadership habits, rather they are helpful to provide insights. To make a person develop leadership features, it is important to make them form habits.

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If You Think Leadership Development Is A Waste Of Time You May Be Right

Leadership programs need to place people in real-life situations, not just provide case studies. For a leader to actually learn new skills, they have to be put in situations that test their capacities and knowledge in order to ultimately improve.

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Why Leadership-Development Programs Fail

There are 4 reasons why leadership training fails: Overlooking context, decoupling reflection from real work, underestimating mindsets, failing to measure results.

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After I hit “send” last week, I started to think about whether others had similar experiences or perspectives on this whole “leadership” thing. Turns out, there exists quite the body of work. I’ve compiled a list of a few articles that stood out to me:


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