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Two big points here:

  1. Autonomous Vehicles are going to be the future of transportation and will ultimately force us to change our ideas of what it means to own something.
  2. While it’s inevitable… It’s really, really hard. The big quote: “But industry insiders have quieted their expectations for when self-driving will reach the masses as they’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s a harder engineering problem than once thought. There’s no denying that autonomous driving would be a major gain for society, though — roughly 3,000 people in America die each year as a result of distracted driving alone.”

Oh, also… if you’re betting on the US to be the powerhouse in this domain, you aren’t paying attention.

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SaveArtSpace Launches CryptoPunks on New York Streets

I read this article and thought, for the first half of it, that this idea was stupid. And then I got myself educated on the organization SaveArtSpace and concluded that these folks are way smarter than me and much, much better human beings.

What’s interesting here is not the focus of the headline, but this: “To make it possible, though, Aversano and co-founder Travix Rix, SaveArtSpace’s executive director, had to establish what they say is the first crypto wallet account with nonprofit status. Aversano says they were able to make it happen through BlockFi—a crypto bank. ‘We’re paving the way for nonprofits to have wallets and raise funding,’ says Aversano, who co-founded SaveArtSpace in 2015 to get art with messages supportive of Black Lives Matter, trans people, and ‘healing the environment’ out into the public realm—typically on giant billboards.”

Sometimes the big innovation is what’s underneath, not what’s obvious. Creating the structure for non-profits to participate in the world of digital currency is an extraordinary breakthrough.

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How will the digital renminbi change China?

While many central banks are still investigating the possibility of issuing a digital currency, China has rolled out a digital currency via a series of pilot programs since last year. How significant will the digital renminbi be? By replacing China’s physical notes and coins, the eRMB will save the PBOC the costs of printing and circulating new currency and regularly replacing a portion of existing notes, which currently amount to billions of renminbi a year.

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3 Ways Tesla Creates A Personalized Customer Experience

I don’t really love Tesla. I am clearly missing the bus on this.

In the competitive car industry, Tesla stands on top. The company has the highest customer satisfaction rate of any car manufacturer. Tesla customers tend to be incredibly loyal, and 91% of customers plan to buy or lease another Tesla for their next car. Customers are so fanatic about the brand that they are often willing to wait years for the next model. This article begins to break down why.

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Dickies piloting AI-driven consumer experience for Chinese shoppers

Yeah… so, really… if you’re looking for where the interesting confluence of technology meets human experience is, you really gotta look at China.

In this case, much of the technology innovation comes from outside of China but an old school company (correctly) surmises that the Chinese consumer is more digitally savvy than they’ll find elsewhere. One of the frontiers of Experience Strategy and Design will be the consumption layer and application of AI to human processes. Dickies, which sells durable workwear, is piloting a personalized fitting experience on Alibaba Group’s Tmall platform in China. The AI-forward body measuring and fit experience was created with 3DLook Partners.

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What we know is a drop, what
we don’t know is an ocean.
– Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was (obviously) one of the forerunners of modern science. We all know the (largely untrue) story of him sitting under a tree, and an apple falls in his head, and thus gravity is “discovered”.

Newton was also an alchemist, searching for a way to turn lead into gold. Or the mundane into the beautiful and valuable. That was his other apple.

Experience Alchemists was created to help companies take the mundane and undifferentiated experiences they offer and turn them into truly differentiating, transcendent interactions with everyone they are connected to. We work under standard SOWS, sure. But more often than not, we find creative structures that allow our clients to get the people they need when they need them.

To that end, we’ve created Newton’s Other Apple to share what we, the Experience Alchemists, have come across that is interesting, compelling, and thought-provoking.

Let’s try to make what we don’t know a smaller ocean together.

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